Wednesday, May 26, 2010

last blog

That last blog was ridiculously random. I apologize.

Life is crazy...always has been...

Yes, lyrics to a song I have come to agree with.

Exactly 6 days until I am free for the summer! This year has flown by, probably due to the fact I was out for 8 weeks on maternity leave/bed rest. My kids did AMAZING on the TAKS test, which is such a relief. It is hard leaving your class for eight weeks to a stranger and then coming back in and having to take back over!! I work at an AMAZING school with the best co-workers (and friends) a person could ask for.

Kaiden is still growing like a weed! He is already wearing 12 month clothes and trying to crawl. He has two bottom teeth that have popped through, and three more on the top that will take a while to make their way down. He has stopped saying "mmmmmaaammmmmmm" but I will change that:) This coming weekend is the annual Andrews Memorial Weekend Family Reunion at Proctor Lake (yep that's right:) and Kaiden will get to see alot of family he hasn't seen yet. I am sure he will be held ALOT and then Lori will wonder why he is so spoiled when she gets him back on Tuesday! This next week I (well mom and I) will begin to clean and scrub the entire new house! She is the cleanest cleaning person I know. She will find dirt in places that no one else can!

Once Kaiden and I get in the new house I plan on laying in the kiddie pool with him just about everyday. We have a huge waterpark in our community but the kiddie pool has no eyes to stare at me in my bathing suit:)

Speaking of bathing suit:) I am officially 15 pounds away from where I started before I got pregnant with Kaiden!!! Well the 15 pounds is sitting in 1 location on my body and refuses to leave. But I refuse for it to stay I will run everyday no matter if it is 120 degrees outside. So, in the mean time I will wear the ugly one piece I bought from Target. I texted Kaiden's aunt and my best friend Jayme and told them this is the first time I have bought a one piece (tankini) since I was about....7 years old. I can remember the one piece exactly, as I wore it to the country club just about every day I could that summer. Ahh the country club, nothing like hot dr. pepper and pay days.

Well, I take that back, the city made us (the lifeguards) buy one pieces one summer so we didn't show too much skin. REALLY....what little pool rats are going to drown by looking at the lifeguards. Oh, the pool that brings back some memories. This is in reference to the kids who came to the POOL everyday during the summer and stayed the ENTIRE day. Their sole purpose was to drive the lifeguards crazy and poo in the pool or on the bathroom wall. I sometimes wish I could go back to the days where I could eat 5 bags of chips, 3 cokes, m&m's, snickers, and pizza at the pool and not gain one single pound. Okay, enough talk about food, I am getting hungry.

Water has been my best friend lately. Yesterday, I consumed 8 bottles of water (yes I just refilled one, not use 8 seperate bottles). I was in the bathroom every 5 minutes. We had a fire drill and I wasn't sure I could make it to the bathroom in time. I thought a scene from Billy Madison was about to happen.

I have taken on a strange obsession with not doing my hair lately. I feel that it is okay to shower, go to bed, wake up in the morning and throw it in a messy pony tail with a headband. This must stop. When my kids make comments about when I wear my hair down, I know it's a problem. Starting next week I will wear a cap :)