Monday, June 28, 2010


I think I am obsessed with taking pictures of my son. He is 8 months old and I almost have 1000 pictures. I can't help it though, he is changing too much and WAY too fast! I remember holding him when he was just born and thinking to myself, I wonder what it will be like when he can sit up. Well we are way past that.

1.) can now spin and is trying to crawl
2.) is working on his seventh tooth
3.) saying mama
4.) starting to eat "people food"
5.) loves drinking from a big boy glass
6.) talks to himself in the mirror
7.) has a fake laugh that he makes when talking to himself
8.) recognizes people he is around alot
9.) sleeps from 8:30 pm till 6:30 am:)
10.) plays catch
11,) loves giving high fives
12.) recognizes songs when I sing them
13.) makes a moo sound when I give him his cow
14.) would swim all day if I let him

I love this guy more everyday and cannot imagine my life without him!! I'm already making plans for his first birthday party, ridiculous I know.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

last blog

That last blog was ridiculously random. I apologize.

Life is crazy...always has been...

Yes, lyrics to a song I have come to agree with.

Exactly 6 days until I am free for the summer! This year has flown by, probably due to the fact I was out for 8 weeks on maternity leave/bed rest. My kids did AMAZING on the TAKS test, which is such a relief. It is hard leaving your class for eight weeks to a stranger and then coming back in and having to take back over!! I work at an AMAZING school with the best co-workers (and friends) a person could ask for.

Kaiden is still growing like a weed! He is already wearing 12 month clothes and trying to crawl. He has two bottom teeth that have popped through, and three more on the top that will take a while to make their way down. He has stopped saying "mmmmmaaammmmmmm" but I will change that:) This coming weekend is the annual Andrews Memorial Weekend Family Reunion at Proctor Lake (yep that's right:) and Kaiden will get to see alot of family he hasn't seen yet. I am sure he will be held ALOT and then Lori will wonder why he is so spoiled when she gets him back on Tuesday! This next week I (well mom and I) will begin to clean and scrub the entire new house! She is the cleanest cleaning person I know. She will find dirt in places that no one else can!

Once Kaiden and I get in the new house I plan on laying in the kiddie pool with him just about everyday. We have a huge waterpark in our community but the kiddie pool has no eyes to stare at me in my bathing suit:)

Speaking of bathing suit:) I am officially 15 pounds away from where I started before I got pregnant with Kaiden!!! Well the 15 pounds is sitting in 1 location on my body and refuses to leave. But I refuse for it to stay I will run everyday no matter if it is 120 degrees outside. So, in the mean time I will wear the ugly one piece I bought from Target. I texted Kaiden's aunt and my best friend Jayme and told them this is the first time I have bought a one piece (tankini) since I was about....7 years old. I can remember the one piece exactly, as I wore it to the country club just about every day I could that summer. Ahh the country club, nothing like hot dr. pepper and pay days.

Well, I take that back, the city made us (the lifeguards) buy one pieces one summer so we didn't show too much skin. REALLY....what little pool rats are going to drown by looking at the lifeguards. Oh, the pool that brings back some memories. This is in reference to the kids who came to the POOL everyday during the summer and stayed the ENTIRE day. Their sole purpose was to drive the lifeguards crazy and poo in the pool or on the bathroom wall. I sometimes wish I could go back to the days where I could eat 5 bags of chips, 3 cokes, m&m's, snickers, and pizza at the pool and not gain one single pound. Okay, enough talk about food, I am getting hungry.

Water has been my best friend lately. Yesterday, I consumed 8 bottles of water (yes I just refilled one, not use 8 seperate bottles). I was in the bathroom every 5 minutes. We had a fire drill and I wasn't sure I could make it to the bathroom in time. I thought a scene from Billy Madison was about to happen.

I have taken on a strange obsession with not doing my hair lately. I feel that it is okay to shower, go to bed, wake up in the morning and throw it in a messy pony tail with a headband. This must stop. When my kids make comments about when I wear my hair down, I know it's a problem. Starting next week I will wear a cap :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

soap box

Well, I haven't blogged in a while. To be honest,I just remembered my password in the shower as I was thinking about the trials and tribulations of this past week. I don't think my brain has been in use this much since...well, I can't remember. Tonight I am on my soap box, and will probably never write about this stuff again:)

I lost a lifelong friend and elementary, middle school, and high school classmate this week. We even went to TSU together but I rarely saw him because we were involved in so much there. When I heard the news last week, I began to think about all of my friends and family I have lost along the way. Hamilton is a small, close knit town, and when we lose someone we all hurt. The morning of John's funeral, we also got news of another death. REO, or Randy, was one of my brother's youth when he was youth minister back home. He had such a sparkling personality and seemed to always be smiling.

I have come to realize over the past two days that I have two goals in life: 1.) To get to Heaven and 2.) to raise Kaiden to be the best man he possibly can

I have not been perfect, and I will be the first to admit I have made several mistakes. But those mistakes brought me to where I am today. I now have the most beautiful baby boy who almost never stops smiling (unless he is hungry or sleepy), I realized, there are a handful of people that I really actually NEED in my life: God, Kaiden, my family, and my select friends who really honestly care about me.

So, what's the point to all of this babble??? Everything that we have going on in our daily lives that make us lose sight of what really matters, actually doesn't matter in the long run. What matters is what we take with us when we are called out of this world. John and I were facebooking the other night and talking about his decisions with church that he made recently, what an awesome feeling to know where John is right now:)

Before the service started I saw another lifelong friend and neighbor:) Jared walk in the door. Little did I know, he would have me cracking up with memories from our past.

My mom always asks me if I it were possible to go back to elem. or high school if I would. I always told her no, but I changed my mind this week. I loved my life, it was so easy and carefree and filled with wonderful people. People always dog small towns because they are so gossipy and everyone knows everyone's business. Well I have learned the hard way that no matter where you are, they still will :)

Time to start another week. While everyone is counting down for LJT fest, I will be counting down to the end of TAKS, and spending the upcoming weekends with my little guy:)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

sick baby:(

I don't remember being this tired since the first week we brought Kaiden home. Kaiden became sick on Wednesday of last week when Dad came and is just now getting over his cold. He was so congested that I had him sleeping with me propped up so the poor little guy could breathe. Now I know snoring runs in the family ( I don't do it:)) but this little guy sounded like a freight train! So, his snoring began to wake him up.....and up and up again at night. If I had to guesstimate, I would say he woke up 3 or 4 times every night for about 4 or 5 days in a row.

I invested in a saline contraption that was well worth the money and it has worked like a charm. Now that he is over his sickness he is back in his bed...but..still waking up throughout the night. I forgot to mention K has gotten himself a temper lately. When he gets mad, he gets SOOOOOOOOO mad. Waking up in the middle of the night is one of those things that makes him mad! I am very stict with my little schedule I had him on, so I won't feed in the middle of the night because I don't want him to get back on the eating every two hours kick...that's NO fun at all. He is now at the point where he wants NOTHING to do with his cereal and food and will only drink about 4 ounces at a sitting. We go to the doctor on Friday thank goodness.

Last night was eventful....about 2:45 am, I hear him "talking" in his crib. He isn't upset, hungry, or tired, but just wants to talk. Finally we realize rocking isn't going to cut it so we lay him back down in his crib to "talk it off" and watch his mobile. I went back to bed and turned the monitor down so he could cry it out if he started to get fussy. Next thing I knew he was screaming and it sounded muffled....yes he went from happy and talking to screaming. The child had gotten so mad he kicked his blanket under his feet and was now covered head to toe in his blanket. This is the SCARIEST thing ever for a parent to see because your first reaction is that they have sufficated. From now on I am going to wrap him in his swaddler and wrap the blanket around the swaddler. We went and rocked and he continued to talk to me for about 15 minutes before he fell asleep. I just think he had a dream that he wanted to tell me about :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tuning people out

I have had to do this ALOT recently. I won't go into detail about one situation, but I will fill you in on tonights adventure. I finally joined the workout facility our community has. I thought I could keep up the running, but my frozen ears wouldn't let me.

So, I go to work out tonight after Kaiden goes down for bed, kitchen is somewhat clean, work is done, and while my energy level is still somewhere about 49%. When I arrive, I am the only one upstairs on the cardio equipment. So, I turn on whatever trashy show is on mtv because the only other channels are hispanic or home shopping, and I begin my 30 minute adventure.

Then, I hear footsteps. I never try to make eye contact with the people coming up the stairs because its just akward. There isn't just one girl who has maybe 110 lbs on her, but two. You know the kind that make you want to puke or throw a steak and pan of brownies at them. Here I am, rocking my maternity bra still, and in walks two barbie dolls. I have spit up on my black shirt (very visible) and half my hair is falling out of my pony tail.

The best part is that they decide the best place to run is RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME...I'm guessing just so I can drool over their "I haven't had a baby body". As we are watching the MTV show with all the Italian people who are too loud, I hear one of them say, I haven't worked out in a week, I feel like such a fat slob. I bet I have gained a pound.

I honestly stopped running and moved and this point.

I am very proud of myself and not ashamed to say that I gained 55 pounds with Kaiden.....and he was and is totally worth all 55!!! Within the first week after I delivered I lost 20 and since then have lost 15 more. Last week, I lost 7.....not so sure how that happened, but would love to step on the scale Sunday night and see 7 more pounds gone. Don't think that will be the case, but there is always hope!

Friday, January 8, 2010


I have an addiction.....

hot baths.
If I do not take one EVERY night I cannot sleep....I cannot relax. This addiction came about when I was about 4 months pregnant. People said not to take hot baths but I couldn't help it. Kaiden came out just fine, so I'm pretty sure I could have just gotten in the hot tub every night too. It has gotten to the point where I fall asleep in the bath and can sometimes stay an hour in there. Maybe this is why my skin is cracking.


My attempts to cutesy up my blog have been unsuccessfull. All I really want is a cute background, but my limited technology skills have stopped me. I have tried Lacey's suggestion but its not letting me save the template.....anyone???

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

1st time all over again

Before I start, let me say that the blog will get better. I need my friend Cari's help to figure out how to make it all fancy and stuff:) This is my first run at this so bare with me!

Today I had to go back to work.....again. I felt as if I was leaving Kaiden at the sitters for the first time. Now, I will say I couldn't ask for a better person to watch Kaiden (well besides Granna:)) Lori is the sweetest person I know. She has the most tender voice and the kids there just love her. Kaiden stays at the sitter with his friend Jonas (whos dad works with me and who's mom works with Brandon) and three other little boys who are 3 years old. Lori says that Kaiden just loves to sit and watch the kids play and would all day if he didn't have to sleep. When I dropped him off this morning he was sleeping and I just wanted to bend down and grab him and run out the door with him. This wasn't near as bad as the first time I went back to work. I literally could not sleep the night before. I layed in bed wondering if I could actually make myself get up in the morning. When I fed him I cried, because he looks into my eyes so intensely, and I didn't want him to do that with someone else. When we played I cried, because I didn't want him smiling at someone else when they did something funny. I cried when I changed his diapers because I didn't want him peeing on someone else:) It was the ugly face kind of crying....

It was honestly the worst feeling of my entire life. But, looking back, I think how silly I was because Miss Lori is AMAZING!! He actually did teetee on her the first time she changed his diaper and she just had to email me at school and let me know. It's so nice to be able to run over at lunch (she is only two blocks from my school) or at conference to checkup on him. She also sends emails to let me know how he is doing everyday.

Over the Christmas break we saw lots of family and even made an 11 hour road trip to Brandon's family in Nebraska. Kaiden did SOOOO good in the car. Despite it taking us three days to get up there because of the snow, he slept the entire way home, minus the one time he wanted to be fed!!

Kaiden has grown SO much. He will be three months old on January 11 and it just amazes me how different he is since he was born. I remember thinking, "Is this kid ever going to wake up, all he does is sleep!" Now he laughs all the time, rolls over, kicks, stands up, and finally LOVES taking a bath!! We have gotten to the point where he can be layed in his crib and he falls asleep on his own. We are also to the point of him sleeping through the night!! I was just telling someone today how nice it is to actually get sleep at night now. I can remember when he was waking up every two hours and I didn't know how I was going to make it. I couldn't wait till the weekends when my parents came so I could get some sleep, or the afternoons when his daddy got home so I could at least go brush my teeth! No one ever prepares you for how exhausting it is going to be, but on the other hand, no one ever prepares you for how amazing the feeling is when they smile at you:)

I could go on for hours, but my hot bath is calling me!