Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tuning people out

I have had to do this ALOT recently. I won't go into detail about one situation, but I will fill you in on tonights adventure. I finally joined the workout facility our community has. I thought I could keep up the running, but my frozen ears wouldn't let me.

So, I go to work out tonight after Kaiden goes down for bed, kitchen is somewhat clean, work is done, and while my energy level is still somewhere about 49%. When I arrive, I am the only one upstairs on the cardio equipment. So, I turn on whatever trashy show is on mtv because the only other channels are hispanic or home shopping, and I begin my 30 minute adventure.

Then, I hear footsteps. I never try to make eye contact with the people coming up the stairs because its just akward. There isn't just one girl who has maybe 110 lbs on her, but two. You know the kind that make you want to puke or throw a steak and pan of brownies at them. Here I am, rocking my maternity bra still, and in walks two barbie dolls. I have spit up on my black shirt (very visible) and half my hair is falling out of my pony tail.

The best part is that they decide the best place to run is RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME...I'm guessing just so I can drool over their "I haven't had a baby body". As we are watching the MTV show with all the Italian people who are too loud, I hear one of them say, I haven't worked out in a week, I feel like such a fat slob. I bet I have gained a pound.

I honestly stopped running and moved and this point.

I am very proud of myself and not ashamed to say that I gained 55 pounds with Kaiden.....and he was and is totally worth all 55!!! Within the first week after I delivered I lost 20 and since then have lost 15 more. Last week, I lost 7.....not so sure how that happened, but would love to step on the scale Sunday night and see 7 more pounds gone. Don't think that will be the case, but there is always hope!


  1. Oh get a 4 (TAKS) on that piece! That was great!

  2. hahaha..i love it...the boys are worth the weight...i miss you and Kaiden

  3. You rock Jana Banana! You are losing it way faster than I did. It took me 8 months to lose the 60 pounds I gained from pregnancy and another 2 after that to lose the 15 I gained from fertility treatments. Would I do it all bet your hiney I would! I don't care if I had to gain 200++ pounds!! I would so do it all over again to get my two precious babies. What I do love is when people say to me now, "Oh you look so good for having twins." NOT! That really aggravates me. Why do you have to qualify your statement? Why not, "Oh you look so good."???? Tune 'em out. Our bodies rock because they gave life. You inspired me for a blog entry. I think I'll work on one about this topic!!! Love you Jana Banana!